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9 Tree Challenge - Happy Little Trees!

Do you know what we need more of? Happy Little Trees!

We have a gallery of hundreds of paintings but TREES are the most painted. We are excited to share this project together with you. We'll be sharing micro-videos and instructions for each special tree.

Join us! Print micro paintings daily or large canvas! Paint our selection or create your own.

We want to see your art - make sure to join us on Instagram by using these hashtags


Tape off a canvas to create mini paintings, in the sample I used an 11x14. I used regular blue painters tape. There's a snippet in this video.


We are releasing micro-videos with simple steps. The videos are located on Tangi. It's a fantastic site that has micro-video art tutorials. You can download the app or go to their website.

Click here to see our portfolio of micro-videos. Our Tree videos will be exclusively on Tangi so be sure to check out the entire collection there. We'll update them each day.

Looking for the written step by step instructions?

****BONUS: If you do painting parties, own an art studio or want to do a group painting party, you are welcome to use these instructions, royalty-free! ***

Here are the first two trees to get your project started.

DAY 1: Color of Night. This was one of the most popular paintings for several years! It's simple, glowing and vibrant when you add all of the beautiful colors of the rainbow.

Day #2: Gum Drop Tree. This is a fun whimsy selection, you'll want to pick some bright colors for this one!

We can't wait to see your happy little trees! Don't forget to share them with us and post on Instagram! - Cheers, the Artsy Coaches!

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