Can I make money with a mobile paint party business...

Fun Certification Training - 9 module digital course that guides you step by step in launching your business

Step-by-step instructions to over 500 painting and project designs in our Gallery

Access to wholesale pricing to save money on business and art supplies

Continued business coaching to mentor, support and motivate you every step of the way 

Yes! Yes you can! And we can show you how!

Watch this quick video to learn how you can make money with an Artsy paint party business!

Ready to get started?! 

Great! Click below to submit your enrollment form! Need more info? Join our FREE 5 Insider Secrets of the Paint Party Industry webinar where we share everything we've learned pioneering the mobile paint party industry for almost 10 years! 

Marketing Support

Access to our Artsy library of marketing files including professionally designed flyers to download and share with your customers!

Building Your Kit

As small business owners we wear lots of hats. One important hat you will wear is inventory manager. But where to start?! Our Supply Overview includes a shopping list of supplies you will need to build your kit as well as recommendations for where to source your supplies and how to care for them. Because the more money you save, the more money in your pocket!

I'm not only an Artsy Co-Owner and Coach, I also operate my own mobile paint party biz. One of my favorite membership benefits is the General Liability Insurance. I have partnerships with a number of businesses that require me to provide insurance. If I had to purchase my own insurance it would be cost prohibitive. My Artsy membership allows me to expand my business to do the corporate and conference events that I love!

- Maria | CO

You may be in business for yourself, but you don’t have to do it alone. Our members come together to support other like-minded creative entrepreneurs. The friendships you make and the support of the membership is what it's all about! Teamwork really does make the dream work!

Artsy Marketplace

It's true that you do NOT need to be an artist to do this business.....but we do have a number of super talented artists in our mix. If that's you then you're going to love this!


The Marketplace is our internal platform for Artsy members to buy and sell digital artwork files. This provides our Members access to additional artwork options to instruct at their events, and an opportunity for Members to earn additional revenue by selling their digital artwork files!

Wait...I have to do math?!

We know. You're here for the painting, not to do math. But as a business owner you will be responsible for crunching the numbers. But we promise, you'll love Artsy Math! Below are actual numbers from an actual party.


Party for 24 painters on a Friday night (in a snowstorm no less!). 

  • 22 tickets at $26 each = $572.00 (24 painters less 2 free hostesses)

  • TOTAL REVENUE = $572.00

  • 25 canvas at $1.50 = $37.50 (24 customers plus 1 to demo)

  • 22 tickets at $1.05 each = $23.10 (Gotta pay those pesky credit card fees!)

  • $10 paint/misc supply cost 

  • TOTAL EXPENSES = $70.60


Do the math: $572.00 less the $70.60 spent on supplies = $501.40 in profit! On site for 3 hours plus about an hour of prep and clean up at home and that is over $100/hour! 

See, math can be fun!

A smart business person is always learning! Business tips, tax training, leadership and personal development – all designed to help you rock in all areas of your life!

Join our Artsy Coaches for Virtual Paint Nights! Grab your canvas and your cocktail and learn tips and tricks of the trade!

In our Fine Art Education series you will learn different styles and techniques to wow your guests! It's fun to learn new things!

Email Marketing

Email marketing works. If it didn't, you wouldn't receive a flood of emails every morning from your fave brands. 

Your Artsy Membership includes an account with our email marketing provider (a $90 value!) and access to our library of email templates. Creating and sending stunning emails to your customers is a breeze! 

What if one opportunity could change your life?

You got this! And we'll be there every step of the way! 


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