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Hi, I'm Tami!

One of the Artsy owners and coaches. 

I have a degree in art and was an art teacher for a number of years, so I design a lot of the artwork you see in our Gallery. I'm so excited to share We're a Hoot with you! I love the washed background, the white space, the colors - it's such a fun one to paint! And I love it because it's perfect for painters of all ages. I've painted it with kids and adults and it always turns out so cute!

Give it a try and let me know what you think! Click the link to download the image, instructions, template and virtual paint party recording!

Click HERE to download the files!

What is Artsy?

Artsy is an association of independent creative business owners.

The Association operates as a support system for its members. Our members come together to connect with other like-minded creative entrepreneurs, and have access to the tools, resources and discounts to support their creative business. It's like a Costco card for creatives!

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