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It's time to create a life

you love!

We are experts in the paint party business launching hundreds of artsy businesses, including crafty people just like you! 

Our online training is designed to help you launch your paint party business in 30 days or less!

Are you ready to get Artsy?! 

Your Artsy membership is a FULL YEAR, ALL-ACCESS pass to Artsy! All the tools and training to rock your paint party business (and make money doing it!)

All 4 of our training programs that includes everything you need to know to launch and manage your paint party business!

Step-by-step instructions to over 500 painting and project designs in our Gallery!

Access to wholesale pricing to save up to 70% on business and art supplies!

Included in your membership are business tools  including email marketing, a canva account, a zoom room and more! 

365 days of Artsy

less than $1/day!



One Time Enrollment

Artsy isn’t just a side job for me, it’s a hobby. It’s a chance to let my creativity flow and de-stress. I enjoy being able to have fun with new people and help them enhance their creativity as well. Having the membership helps me with access to painting and craft ideas. It also provides me with many resources for parties and events. If you love to be creative and social, I highly recommend Artsy!

 - Ashley | CO

IGG Ashley.gif


Because membership has its perks!

Your annual ALL-ACCESS membership includes all the tools and resources to work your paint party business (and make money doing it!)

Reputation of a Large Company

Weekly Coaching + Ongoing Support

Step-by-step Instructions for Over 500 Paintings
View the Gallery

Email Marketing

Software + Templates

Website for Customers to 

View Gallery

Marketplace to Sell Artwork




Your enrollment includes unlimited access to all 4 of our video training courses! 

Paint parties and craft workshops, virtual or in person - however you get Artsy, we have the tools and training to get you there!



Paint Party 101

Everything you need to know to launch and manage your paint party business! This is the mother of all trainings and includes everything we've learned pioneering the mobile art entertainment business for over 10 years!

Copy of boys art.png


Monthly Art Clubs

How to create consistent

income with online monthly art clubs! Includes weekly art tutorials and free paint nights for you to share with your subscribers!

Talk to us (1).png


Virtual Events

The Pandemic has taught us a new way to pARTy and this is your go-to guide to adding virtual events to your paint party business! Plus you have full access to our Zoom Party Room to host your virtual events!



Create In The Classroom

Schools need art! Our CITC program guides you step-by-step in partnering with your local schools to create an after school art enrichment program that parents will appreciate and kids will love!

Join now for just $297 - a savings of $200 - and get 365 days of Artsy for less than a buck a day!

But that's not all. As business coaches our passion is helping you be successful in your business. And to do that you need the right tools to work your business. It's more than just fancy artwork, which we have a lot of too. It's email marketing, lead capturing, insurance, website, graphic design, social media, taxes, personal development.....that is why we have designed our membership to include all that and more!

More Artsy to Love

Your Artsy membership includes fun freebies and virtual paint party events guided by our team of Artsy coaches. Use these freebies as content to share with your existing customers, lead magnets to grow your email database, as part of your monthly art club, or just to enjoy a little artsy fun of your own!

Nine Tree painting challenge.png
Dangle Doodles.png
Sunset Graphic.png
gaudi inspired stained glass windows.png
Yellow and Purple Self-help e-Book Annou

Building Your Kit

As small business owners we wear lots of hats. One important hat you will wear is inventory manager. But where to start?! Our Supply Overview includes a shopping list of supplies to build your kit as well as recommendations for where to shop (at savings of up to 70% off retail!) and how to care for them. Because the more money you save, the more money in your pocket!

Supply List_0919 5.jpg
Supply List_0919 6.jpg
Supply List_0919 3.jpg
Supply List_0919 2.jpg
SciEinstein Paint Party Camp_0120.jpg
Artsy Pop Up_1019.jpg

Marketing + Canva

Graphic design is not everyone's forte, even for the most talented of artists. Don't worry - we got you! Your Artsy membership includes access to our library of marketing files including professionally designed flyers and Canva designs you can easily edit, download and share with your customers! All designed to help you look polished and professional!

I'm not only an Artsy Co-Owner and Coach, I also operate my own mobile paint party biz. One of my favorite membership benefits is the General Liability Insurance. I have partnerships with a number of businesses that require me to provide insurance. If I had to purchase my own insurance it would be cost prohibitive. My Artsy membership allows me to expand my business to do the corporate and conference events that I love!

- Maria | CO

Maria Circle Headshot.jpg

You may be in business for yourself, but you don’t have to do it alone. Our members come together to support other like-minded creative entrepreneurs. The friendships you make and the support of the membership is what it's all about! Teamwork really does make the dream work!

Ongoing Training!

A smart business person is always learning! Business tips, tax training, leadership and personal development – all designed to help you rock in all areas of your life!

Tami Sirek.jpg
Virtual Paint Nights!

Join our Artsy Coaches for Virtual Paint Nights! Grab your canvas and your cocktail and learn tips and tricks of the trade!

Fine Art_Carla_0120.jpg
Fine Art Education!

In our Fine Art Education series you will learn different styles and techniques to wow your guests! It's fun to learn new things!

Wait...I have to do math?!

We know. You're here for the painting, not to do math. But as a business owner you will be responsible for crunching the numbers. But we promise, you'll love Artsy Math! Below are actual numbers from an actual party.


Party for 24 painters on a Friday night (in a snowstorm no less!). 

  • 22 tickets at $26 each = $572.00 (24 painters less 2 free hostesses)

  • TOTAL REVENUE = $572.00

  • 25 canvas at $1.50 = $37.50 (24 customers plus 1 to demo)

  • 22 tickets at $1.05 each = $23.10 (Gotta pay those pesky credit card fees!)

  • $10 paint/misc supply cost 

  • TOTAL EXPENSES = $70.60


Do the math: $572.00 less the $70.60 spent on supplies = $501.40 in profit! On site for 3 hours plus about an hour of prep and clean up at home and that is over $100/hour! 

See, math can be fun!

Capture_Emma template 3.JPG
Capture_Emma template 2.JPG
Capture_Emma template 1.JPG

Email Marketing

Email marketing works. If it didn't, you wouldn't receive a flood of emails every morning from your fave brands. 

Your Artsy Membership includes your own Emma email marketing account (valued at $90/month!) and access to our library of email templates. Creating and sending stunning emails to your customers is a breeze! 

What if one opportunity could change your life?

You got this! And we'll be there every step of the way! 

Join Artsy now for just $297 - a savings of $200 - and get 365 days of Artsy!

"My daughter Ellie and I do this business together and we love it! We get to be our own boss so Ellie is learning about finance, communication & organizational stills and speaking in front of others. ​We love bringing the party to others - for birthdays, Girl Scouts, team building, and especially fundraisers. It's also nice doing this around our family's busy schedules and making a flexible income, and we love our time together!

- Emily and Ellie | OH

Emily Cohen_edited.jpg

You have questions, we have answers!

You are a smart business person, and we love answering questions! Here are answers to some of the most asked questions!



  • Is this a MLM or direct sales business?
    Not at all! Artsy is a membership association. Our members pay an annual membership which gives them all sorts of perks including discount codes to shop with our preferred vendors, artwork and project instructions, business support and more! There are no party or sales minimums, no recruiting or downline commission. You manage your own business and keep 100% of your party earnings - all while having the support and backing of a large national brand!
  • Do I have to be an artist?
    While it helps to be generally crafty, you do NOT have to be an artist to do this business! If you can read and follow instructions, you can do this biz! We do have a number of artists on our team (and thank goodness for that as they design all of our awesome artwork and projects!), but the majority of our members are, in fact, not artists. Just artsy people like you! This business is all about providing exceptional customer service and having an upbeat and fun personality. If you like people and like to party…you’ll be great at this!
  • What if I am an artist?
    GREAT! You can create your own artwork for your customers and can potentially earn commission on your artwork by selling it to other members!
  • How much can I earn?
    That is totally up to you. On average our members earn $200-$300 per event for in-home events and $400+ at larger events. You are your own boss and set your own schedule. There are no monthly party or sales minimums. We have members who do 1 or 2 parties a month for a little “fun money” up to members who work their business full time doing 10-15 parties a month. Whatever income level you are looking for, we can provide a plan to help you reach your goal!
  • What makes Artsy different than other in-home party services?
    The biggest difference is that we do not sell a product; our product is our service. People value experiences over stuff. They are looking for opportunitites to be creative and we can provide that for them! Our customer base is so extensive that our party options are limitless! We party all week long, in classrooms, rec centers, coffee shops, restaurants, conference rooms and of course in homes! We have painted with guests from age 3 to 93!
  • What will I paint?
    We feature over 500 paintings in our Gallery and all artwork including marketing images and step-by-step instructions are included in your membership. We introduce new artwork each quarter, including fun seasonal and holiday paintings. It’s like getting a new product line to share with your customers at no cost to you!
  • Is there any product to buy?
    Here’s the best part – NO! In many in-home party businesses that sell a product you are encouraged to “shop in your own store”, which makes sense because of course you want to use the product that you love so much. But what can happen is you become your best customer. Our product is our service. You will have basic business expenses, like paint and canvas, but no product for you or your family to consume. No product to buy means more money in your pocket!
  • Are there any party minimums?
    Nope! Not at all! You are your own boss. You pay a low annual membership fee to be a member of the association, and you choose to party whenever you wish!
  • Can I use my own business name and logo
    Of course! Our marketing material is branded with our name and logo, but you can simply remove it and use your own!
  • What if I don't launch in 30 days?
    No worries! This is your business and you work it on your time. As your coaches we will tell you it's best to not wait too long. When you're ready to launch we're here for you every step of the way!
  • Do I have to buy your kit or supplies?
    Not at all! We are not a supply company and have no supplies to sell. We will give you a shopping list of recommended supplies for your kit with links to shop using our wholesale pricing with our online vendors that save you up to 70% off retail prices!
  • Can I cancel at any time?
    Absolutely! We'll be sad to see you go, but you can cancel your membership at any time!
  • Me, an entrepreneur?!"
    Yes, we know it’s scary, but you’re not alone – we’ll help you set up your business and show you everything you need to know. We’ve got you covered when it comes to marketing and other business how to’s!
  • What is the state of the art entertainment industry?
    Creative product sales in 2016 topped $43 Billion. Humans have been crafting since the beginning of time when the cavemen scrawled on cave wells. Art is timeless and it isn’t going anywhere any time soon! It can costs tens of thousands of dollars to open a storefront or franchise, but by using a membership approach we are able to offer you the opportunity to own your own mobile art entertainment business at a fraction of the cost plus the training and support to rock your business from day one!
  • Is anyone eligible to join?
    Absolutely! Our online Digital Training Course makes it easy for anyone anywhere to join! We use social media and online video tools to keep in touch with our team from sea to shining sea! Members will complete a brief application for approval to join.

Ready to get started?! 

Great! Click below to submit your enrollment form! And follow us on Facebook where we share paint party tips and tricks we've learned pioneering the mobile paint party industry for over 10 years! 

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