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Artsy Math!

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

**UPDATE** This blog was originally published in 2019. When we started our paint party business in 2011 our ticket price was $26 per painter. After 10+ years we JUST increased our cost to $30 per painter. But remember you can charge whatever works for you and is competitive in your area!

Fun fact - I had to take Calculus in college as part of my degree. I got an A, but I couldn't do a calculus problem today to save my life! As a general rule I'm not really that good at math. My favorite kind of math is Artsy Math!

Here's the problem:

You do a paint party for 24 teachers on a Friday night (in a snowstorm no less!). How much money do you make? Remember to show your work!



  • 22 tickets at $26 each = $572.00 (I offer a free painter for every 10 paid guests, so at this party the hostess painted free and we did a drawing for the second free painter)

  • TOTAL REVENUE = $572.00


  • 25 canvas at $1.50 = $37.50 (24 customers plus 1 for me!)

  • 22 tickets at $1.05 each = $23.10 (Gotta pay those pesky credit card fees!)

  • $10 paint cost (this is probably a little high, but it's hard to calculate the exact amount of paint used so I estimated on the high end)

  • TOTAL EXPENSES = $70.60

The $572.00 I made less the $70.60 I spent on supplies = $501.40 in profit! I was on site for about 3 hours, but heck I'll even throw in my 20 minute drive time each way and round up to 4 hours and I still earned over $100/hour! Oh, and this was how the night ended....

See, math can be fun! Sound like your kind of #SideHustle?!

Cheers :)


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