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Craft Clubs with Dawn!

  • Do you want a business that brings in consistent revenue?

  • Don't want a business you have to constantly 'sell'?

  • Want to create a group for people to be creative and get to know one another?

Cue Dawn and her monthly craft clubs! Craft clubs are similar to paint parties, but instead of painting on canvas we break out the hammers and glue guns and make beautiful home decor projects. Basically it's Pinterest come to life!



Dawn hosts 3 craft clubs per month (hello to working one weekend per month!) and hosts the events right in her basement! Members commit to either a 6 month or 12 month club which means Dawn has guaranteed income each month. After supplies and expenses she earns about $900/month. Watch the video below to learn more!

It's more than making money, it's having fun and providing a great time (but here's a secret, yes, you do creatively make money!)


If you want to know more about owning your own Artsy-kinda business - go download the free Pre-Launch Roadmap to to see if this business is for you! It's on our website at!

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