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Dawn's Paint Party Re-Launch Journey - Episode 1


I began my GOTG business over 10 years ago, and I started hot and heavy! I utilized all the best practices to get my business going and I never turned down an opportunity. And you know what? It worked!

Back in 2012, when I started, Gallery On The Go (GOTG) and the Paint-n-Sip industry was just starting to boom. At the time, the company had quite a different structure where members would earn 50% of our events, while the other 50% went back to headquarters. To become a guide, you had to purchase a starter kit that included all supplies for 12 painters, plus your own setup, which was $750 plus tax. We had the opportunity to build a team and earn a commission from their events - a Direct Sales structure. I worked my business HARD. I followed all of the checklists, which I’ll go over later, I always said ‘yes’ to a party request if I could and within two months I had recouped my initial investment and was earning money.

At the time, my kids were babies: one was three and the other one year old. Flexibility was the most important factor for me. I needed to work while my husband was home so I didn’t have to pay for daycare. This business fit perfectly because when we began, our company was focused on home-based parties and most hosts wanted parties on evenings and weekends. I was, on average, guiding five parties per week, often guiding multiple parties in one day. I was also submitting artwork because I earned a commission for selling rights to my original artwork. Eventually, I won the Top Artwork Commission Earner award!

I was so busy it was becoming exhausting and so I began to shift my focus to team-building. We had a saying in the company at the time: “Work smarter, not harder” which meant that you could build a team and earn commission on their efforts as well. So I focused on recruiting and coaching my team and passing along many of my parties to them. I eventually reached Director status which meant I had over 20 members on my team. They were all amazing ladies and I made some wonderful friendships!

Through the years, I became more involved in the headquarters side of the business. I joined the Artwork Team where we would choose which artwork was accepted into the gallery and then became the person who edited all the artwork instructions, images, and files and maintained the database. From there I also took on the job of video director and editor which I found funny because I had never even edited a home movie! In 2017 I eventually became a partner in Gallery on the Go, along with Tami and already owners Maria and Mandy. There were changes in the industry and the original business model for Gallery on the Go shifted and we formed the Artsy Association.

For my personal art business, I kept up with returning customers and branched out into craft clubs that I would host in my home. Everything was suited well for my focus on being a stay-at-home mom. Then the pandemic hit and my business took a break while I became the teacher for my children. Since the pandemic, I took on a few other odd jobs and I hadn't really returned to my paint party business.

But the time has come, my kids are older and in school and I am in need of earning a regular income. Finding a job that offers the flexibility I’ve grown to love with my family, but that pays enough to make it worth it has proven to be quite a task.

In speaking with Artsy Coach Maria she asked me what I wanted to do? That got me thinking about why I was applying for jobs that I knew I wouldn’t find satisfaction in. GOTG was very satisfying to me. I had to pinch myself to check that I wasn’t dreaming that I was being PAID to play in art and parties!! And, let’s face it: an average of $35-$40 per hour was hard to beat!

So why wasn’t I focusing on my business? And so, Dear Reader, here I am. I have decided it’s time to relaunch my business. Perhaps you’d like to reinvest in yours as well. Or maybe you just haven’t had the courage to dive in. But I’d like to take you along on my journey. You can read about my highs and lows. You’ll see that just because I’ve been at this a long time doesn’t mean we aren’t in the same boat! I’d like to show you how the resources that Maria, Mandy, Tami, and I have poured ourselves into creating for the Artsy Association really do work. My goal? To earn $1000 per month. Let’s get painting!

What's the Artsy Association? We have members from all across the US and in some countries who own a paint party business. We help all of our members with ideas, artwork, resources, business coaching and so much more!

Want to own a paint party or art-based business? Join us!

Be in business for yourself but not by yourself!

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