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FIVE EASY Summer Art Projects for you and the KIDS!

We have been busy this summer doing many events. From our own personal art projects, to Craft Clubs, to Art Bars, to Kids Summer Camps it has been an ARTSY kinda summer!

Each project has a video overview by one our ARTSY coaches!

Included are these FIVE easy & awesome ideas!

1. Unicorn Planters

2. Summer Serving Trays with Leather Handles

3. Custom Beach Chair

4. Peg People Family

5. Alcohol Ink Tiles

1. UNICORN Planters!

Transform your every day boring terracotta pot into a magical unicorn garden.

Watch the video here:

2. Summer Serving Trays

Take an easy $1 wood plank of wood 1x8x20, an upcycled belt, and simple acrylic paint. Create a great serving tray or cheese board!

Watch the video here:

3. Custom Beach Chair (The fancy term is Adirondack chair)

See how our Artsy Coach Tami transformed this fun summer beach chair for a client of hers! It's easy with a template and vinyl machine! The client ordered the unfinished chair from Amazon.

Watch the video here:

4. Peg Family Project

Artsy Coach Dawn has a monthly kids club! Check out this adorable fun Peg Family Project. You can order peg people from Darice or Amazon, transform them with googly eyes, paint and yarn.

Watch the Live Video Overview Here:

5. Alcohol Ink Tiles

Buy $.35 - $.50 ceramic tiles from your local craft store, alcohol inks or sharpies, alcohol and gold leafing paint. Create these very chic & colorful coaster tiles! There's even an element of FIRE!

Watch the Live Video Overview Here:

At Artsy we believe in helping entrepreneurs in the Art Entertainment Industry with creative and business ideas. We love getting people together for art based experiences for entertainment and fun. Art Parties help people learn something new and it brings people together away from the screen!

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