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Have you been thinking about a Part-Time job?

Hi friend!

If you have been thinking about a part-time job you NEED to read this!

I accidentally got a part time job. Long story short - my friend runs this super cool coffee house in our neighborhood. But it's really just a front - their real mission is empowering young adults with job training, work experience, personal development and more. Because when a young adult is empowered to live out their full potential, the well-being of our entire community is uplifted. You can learn more about their cause at

So back to the part time job. I signed up to be a volunteer, and instead she offered me a job. My son graduates next week and I had been looking at going back to work, so here I am.....a barista that doesn't drink coffee. Go figure. But I make a mean cotton candy milkshake (and bonus points for the matching nails!)

But here's the scoop - while I love the mission and the work and the people.....the last 10 years of doing paint parties has SPOILED me! Here's what I mean:

Part-Time Job

My first shift I worked 5 hours. At $13/hour that is $65. And I hear there are tips at some point that should put me in the $15/hour range but even still that's $75 for 5 hours.

Paint Party

That following weekend I did 2 birthday paint parties. I was on site for a total of 6 hours, my earnings including tips were $600 or, and I don't even need a calculator for this, $100/hour.

So yeah, if you've been thinking about a part-time job to save for vacation or back-to school or paying off debt or just to add a little cushion to your month, you need a paint party business! And I promise you can do this. Your Artsy membership gives you access to 500+ painting and project designs and guides you step-by-step in launching your paint party business (and how to make money doing it!). And I'll be there cheering you on every step of the way!


Learn how you can creatively make money with an Artsy side hustle! Check out our website or drop us a line at!

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