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Hello Artsy!

Greetings to you, dear Artsy One. Thank you for taking a minute to get to know us. We love the art entertainment industry and are excited to tell you more!

The Art Entertainment Industry

I bet you have attended one of those creative paint parties or DIY workshops at your friend’s house or a local bar/restaurant or maybe one of the fun studios in your local city, and let me guess - you:

a. had a fabulous time

b. complained the whole time and beat yourself up

c. thought, I wonder if I could ever do this and make some extra money

The answer is yes. Yes to all three. Yes because I meet each and every one of you at every event I go to. Stop being mean to yourself, have fun, don't take it so serious and yes - you can make some extra money doing this. Even if you're not technically artsy!

I remember just a few years ago, this was such a foreign concept for just any average person to pick up a paint brush and paint their own masterpiece, after all none of us claim to be artists. But today – the art entertainment industry is on the rise and not only were we the early pioneers, but we know everything it takes to be successful in your independent business.

Why the Art Entertainment Business is Thriving!

This industry is growing beyond just the crafty types or moms needing a paint night with wine. We have been experiencing a rise in business with commercial property owners, apartment management companies, hospitals, weddings, festivals, schools and so much more! Art entertainment is a creative way to gather people for a fabulous and unique experience.

The paint and sip and even DIY market have had many growing store front franchise opportunities. I bet you have had a recent franchise open in your city. Look them up! BUT the mobile business has really been set apart for independent owner operators, for average Joe's like you and me!

And that's why we are the experts. We've been making money at this little paint party thing for a long time now and we've taught many others how to be successful as well.

Artsy Academy

At Artsy we are committed to helping a creative entrepreneur like you build your own independent art entertainment business, free from the expense of franchising and free from revenue sharing. That's right, it's your own business and 100% of your earnings and profit stay in your bank account!

With Artsy you will build a reputable and professional business avoiding all the hard start up process and costs. We train you, support you and share all the insider secrets - no really, there is a little more to it than just painting!

Interested in getting started soon? We believe that smart business decisions take research and planning ahead of time, so being patient about your decision is the smartest way to go. There's no rush to get started - but here's what's cooking in the Artsy Lab:

  • Live Webinars Join one of our Live Webinars to learn 5 Insider Secrets of the Paint Party Industry! Whether you decide to join Artsy or do your own thing, this webinar is a must for anyone considering a paint party business. Reserve your seat now!

  • September 3rd - 15th Open enrollment! Join Artsy and launch your mobile art entertainment business in 30 days!

  • September 16th Class begins! The training includes 9 modules released over 3 weeks with downloadable workbooks and resources!

You'll be in business for yourself but not by yourself! #artsyassociation

Launching your own business can be scary, we know how fearful you are about starting up another one of those home-based businesses. Don't forget - we started this business when we were stay-at-home-moms. We have perfected the business plan which will impact your time and make you money! The best part is you'll get to research your decision before you invest any money at all.

What sets us apart from any other business is we have the Artsy Association. This is your Artsy family made up of other business owners doing exactly what you want to do. We serve as coaches, business mentors who help answer questions and work with you on your paintings and projects so that you’re not alone in your business. Learning how to run a business is exciting, but having friends who understand your business is #priceless

So many ways to party! Artsy, Inc is a family of creative brands that each serves a niche market in the mobile art entertainment industry. You can add any of these elements of art into your business,

  • Gallery On The Go: No matter the occasion, paint parties are a fun and affordable way to get the gang together and create beautiful memories! You’ll have the rights to use the GOTG logo, artwork, marketing and so much more. Believe you me, paint parties are still trending - and our platform helps you make sure it's modern and up to date!

  • Artsy Pop Ups: Artsy Pop Ups features mini make + take projects from a menu of Pinterest-inspired crafts. Each project takes about 15 to 20 minutes to complete and crafters can make multiple projects as their time allows. Artsy Pop Ups are a fun and trendy entertainment option for happy hours, weddings, conferences, teen birthday parties and more! Your customers will have a unique creative experience – kinda just like girl scout camp!

  • Create In The Classroom: Partnership with schools to provide after school art enrichment for their students! If you are looking for consistent and loyal customers you will find that partnering with a school as their art ambassador will help you build a meaningful business.

  • Artsy Workshops: Oh you know that fun DIY business is on the rise. Wood signs, vinyl, hammers and so much more. We have many Artsy Association members who transform their basements into craft studios or take the workshop on the road!

We're not just in this for the art of it, we're here because we like to help people create the life they love. We're cheering you on - Artsy Coaches & Staff!

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