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Kids 'n Canvas Summer Camp!

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

by Dawn Cary, Independent Gallery Guide


Well, you’ve made it. Another year of bustling the kids to and from school each morning, endless after-school activities and sports, birthday parties, field trips, school name it. You survived. And now, as you sit down the reality hits you...what now? How are you going to keep these kiddos entertained and engaged (and off video games!) for the next 3 months?

Cue... My Artsy Business - Gallery On The Go.

You see, most of us are moms, too. We get it. We want to engage our kids over the summer but camps can be so expensive. Summer is a busy time for most families and trends have shown our business tends to slow a bit during the hectic summer months.

For me though, this is the perfect time to rev up some easy business! Kids are home and bored and parents, grandparents & caregivers love a little break! Hosting a Kids ‘n Canvas Summer Camp doesn’t get any easier – no drive time, no loading and unloading and easy cleanup!


I began holding my Kids 'n Canvas Summer Camps 5 years ago. I advertise through local Facebook groups and keep a consistent low price of $17 per painter. This includes painting, a snack & drink, and a masterpiece for kids to take home.

I host the events at my house, and because it’s summer, I use my garage as our art studio. We keep the door open so we get a shady spot with a great view! Many kids come back every summer and attend most of the camps, and it is amazing to watch their confidence, skill and creativity blossom!

You'll find painting parties or simple art projects keep kids very entertained. You can affordably purchase supplies at local craft stores, watch tutorials or gain inspiration from Pinterest. I find that painting on canvas is the easiest and most affordable.

If you can't or don't want to host the events at your house, you can always partner with a venue. Many of our Gallery Guides hold camps at local recreation centers and various other venues like libraries, toy stores and ice cream shops!

To create consistency and repeat business, camps can be offered on a weekly or monthly basis to best fit your schedule!


Camps are a fantastic way to set up recurring events to keep your calendar booked all summer long, and helps you build a side-business that includes your kids. Through referrals from your summer camp painters, your business can expand beyond the summer perhaps doing art at birthday parties or classroom events.

Every child there has a birthday, belongs to some sort of group or club that needs help fundraising and has a grown-up that could use a girl's night! Nothing beats work that includes your kids and the extra income can support your family summer fun (and hello, Back to School shopping will be here before you know it!). The best part is, you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home!

Dawn Cary began her mobile art business in 2013. Dawn currently runs monthly craft clubs with adults in her neighborhood and every summer she brings out her Summer Art Camps for kids.

You can see what Dawn is up to on her business page:

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