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Maker's Make Micro-Videos!

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

In today's tutorial, I will show you how to create high-speed micro-videos! Why? Micro-videos are super popular in the creative world. A quick scroll down social media lane and you have likely seen a high-speed video of an art tutorial or recipe.

I will share with you simple tools to create your own content. There are two purposes behind using micro-videos in your business.

  1. Social Media Content: They are catchy and people are fascinated when watching them. You can create your own content or tutorial to share with your audience so they get to know you as an artsy person! Or you can also share content from other creatives to inspire your followers.

  2. Promote Your Business Directly: Use original content of you practicing a painting or creating a project. This helps customers see the process and gain confidence that they can do this too. It may also motivate or inspire them to attend one of your paint parties or art event.


Before we get started, go check out some inspiration on Tangi. Tangi is my new favorite app. It's where I'm building my own micro-video portfolio. Tangi is Tik-Tok meets Pinterest. A Micro-video haven with tons of creative ideas you can watch in 1-2 minutes. Tangi is best viewed from your phone on the app or go to to get set up.


Get in the habit of recording EVERYTHING YOU DO! A sample painting, a DIY project, anything. You can use this footage to create a high-speed video.

I recommend you use your phone. Depending on the project I use the time-lapse setting or the regular video function. I am only familiar with the iPhone, but I'm sure other devices have similar settings.


For posting micro-videos I recommend filming vertically because most people watch this content on their personal devices. You can see examples on this feed of videos that were recorded vertically and the one at the bottom was recorded/edited horizontally.

For videos you might upload to YouTube or longer tutorials you would film horizontal/wide.


Use a stand similar to this one so you can film from an overhead view. This type of stand can adjust to vertical or horizontal filming. Search "phone stand for recording" to find some great options!


Once you have your work in focus, your direction set (vertical or horizontal) and your speed (regular or time lapse), then hit RECORD! Don't worry about being quiet, messing up, or anything, just record straight through. That's what editing is for!


I recommend using the iMovie app or InShot. I edit everything on my phone and upload to all of my platforms using one device.

iMovie comes pre-loaded on an iPhone but only edits in the horizontal direction. COME ON GET WITH IT APPLE!

InShot edits horizontal and vertical and has fantastic music and editing options. I opted for the paid version to avoid the ads.

Jump Rope is the best app to create tutorial and step by step instructions on your video. I've included a sample below.


  • One minute or less! A micro-video is a sample of your work, it does not need to be a lengthy tutorial.

  • Music/Jingles. Remove your background noise. All editing apps can mute the background. Use a snappy tune to go along with your video. InShot and Jumprope have fantastic music options.

  • Steps/Instructions. Use Jumprope to add steps to your project.


Get your artsy supplies out and start filming. There is no better time than right now! It's a great way to build your brand and gain followers for your online art studio!

Here is a video I recently did to try out my new watercolor palette. It wasn't planned or thought out. I just created it. This shows my social media followers a fun easy art tip and tells them more about me, that I like art! BE PROUD of your creative side! It encourages others.

Want to learn how you can creatively make money using art? We coach artsy people like you how to make money with a mobile paint party business! Visit us at or follow us on Facebook or Instagram!

Dear Creative One, I'm cheering you on. I want to see you art. - Maria

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2 commenti

I was interested in the one minute video you added to your blog. Please tell me what software did you use to edit it?

Maybe one of these programs is in this list?

It would be cool if you could help me with this, I have my own blog too.

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Maria Borrego
Maria Borrego
27 feb 2023
Risposta a

Hello I use InShot, it's an app on my phone. There is a free version - I use the paid version to skip the ads. -Thanks for visiting our blog!

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