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Scrabble Word Tiles - A whole new way to game night!

About a year ago, Gallery On The Go began offering craft parties alongside our popular paint parties. Our GOTG elves worked tirelessly to scout the art world in search of fun crafts that our Gallery Guides could replicate easily while still keeping it mobile and affordable. One of these crafts was our ever-popular Word Play Scrabble Tiles! Perhaps you’ve seen versions of these scattered profusely across your Pinterest boards?

In designing our own tiles, we knew we had to allow our customers the flexibility to use any word they chose in order to create a meaningful keepsake. Vinyl is a great option, but many of our Guides do not own a vinyl cutter, and vinyl adds to the cost and can be...ahem..."fussy" sometimes to work with!

Instead, we chose to go with stencil transfers and graphite paper. This has proven to be a popular method of transferring letters and images both on paintings and crafts because it’s so easy to do! Watch this quick video to learn how!

What word will you play?!

Check out our free Word Play download to get simple step-by-step instructions and video tutorial to create this fun craft yourself!


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