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The Rise of the Paint Party Industry

by Dawn Cary, Independent Gallery Guide

Chances are, you’ve been invited to and have probably attended some kind of paint and sip event. They’re all over metropolitan cities, and I’ve found them in even the smallest of towns.

I myself attended my first paint and sip in 2011. I had 2 young babies and even though I hadn’t picked up a paintbrush for years, and certainly had no artistic background, I was desperate for a night out! What I found was that, despite my lack of painting talent, I had a wonderful time. Of course there were lots of laughs and great company, but I couldn’t remember the last time I had taken the time to create something besides funny faces out of foods for my toddler.

The paint and sip industry had taken off at least a few years prior to my first experience, however I live in a rural area so there weren’t any close enough for me. So when my sister hosted a “Gallery On The Go” party, I was game to give it a try. Now, this was VERY early in the GOTG game. We got to pick from two paintings and they were awful! But the artwork didn’t matter - I had a great time and that’s all I cared about.

Awe, my babies were so little!

A year later I was looking for something new to bring in an income. I still had babies and needed something super flexible that I could work around my family. I had done MLM gigs before and I knew I didn’t want any part of sales. I remembered GOTG and called and spoke with one of the owners. I grilled her for an hour about the business. But I had concerns: Would I be able to get people to host parties? Was this paint and sip thing a fad that was going to fizzle out?

I took Maria’s advice and called my warm market. These are the people you know. And yes, a few said they would be willing to host a party. I also knew it would be easy to approach rec centers and schedule public venue events which would introduce me to new customers. I shadowed Maria at a party and it was so easy! No sales, no pressure, just fun. The painters didn’t look at me with dread in their eyes, inevitably worrying about how much I was going to pressure them into buying. They were just there having fun!

As for this being a fad? Well, if it was a fad, I was going to enjoy it while it lasted! 7 years later and I can see that this fad isn’t fading any time soon. In fact, I’ve found there are so many avenues to share the creation of art with my customers. Not only is the market endless – think private parties, children’s parties, fundraisers, corporate events, team building, retirement communities.....the list is endless - but offering options such as painting on wood, different canvas sizes and various other embellishments entices my customers to keep coming back!

What do Gallery Guides do for fun?! Paint with the master!

People love a reason to get together. They love opening their homes and hosting their friends and family. They also love it when there’s an affordable way to do it! Even though it’s a paint party, it’s not about the painting. It’s about bringing people together! And that will never be a fad.



  • If I want to book nights and weekends, I focus on regular in-home paint parties. People’s entertainment schedules generally are most open on weekends so this is when they generally choose to host adult and children’s parties.

  • 6 years ago, when I first started, nights and weekends worked best for me. Now that my kids are in school full time, my day time schedule is more open. I can now target businesses for work hour team-building events, retirement communities (Grandma doesn’t like to stay up late!), home school groups and the like!

  • Create in the Classroom is a great program for the after-school time frame! I can also work with libraries and after-hours business events.


  • Let’s face it, I’m not working just for the fun of it, as fun as it is! My biz affords my family the extra money we need for extra activities, sports and programs for the kids, as well as our vacations.

  • I make 100% of my parties – Yes, that’s right. 100% of my party goes into my account. When my husband and I did the math, there was no way that getting a part-time job would ever come close to the money I make with my biz.

  • DISCOUNTS! I love to save money, it gives me a little high! I save a ton of money with our association discounts on supplies and my inventory for paint parties is minimal.


Since my business is mobile, I don’t have a brick-and-mortar overhead. Consider these industry start-up costs:

  • Painting With a Twist - the franchise fee is $25,000 and a 7-year term --> Learn More

  • Pinot’s Palette - their website estimates between $97,450 - $305K. In addition, you need capital requirements of around $80K --> Learn More

  • Gallery On The Go - Just $197 to join (which includes sign-up bonuses!) plus start up supplies estimated at $300-$400. You can launch your business and start seeing profits within just a few parties!

4) FUN

  • As I mentioned, my job is FUN! No really, it is! Sure there is work involved washing brushes and schlepping supplies, but every time I go to "work" I am at a party! I get to be around people at their best. I’m always welcomed to the party and my hosts generally load me up with yummy food and drinks!

If this sounds like a business that you’d enjoy, check us out at! We’ll be here partying it up and waiting for you!

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