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Top 10 Tips for Taking the Perfect Party Pic!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and when it comes to paint parties it is absolutely true! But what are your pictures saying about your party?

Taking and sharing party pics is a great service to offer your customers. They’ll want pictures of their party, but of course they are busy painting, so it’s a great opportunity for you to provide that customer service. It’s also an awesome way to grow your business because when customers see pictures of happy people having fun, they’ll want to host a party too!

But a bad party pic is almost worse than no party pic. But have no fear, we’ve put together the Top 10 Tips for Taking the Perfect Party Pic! 📷

  • TIP #1 Let your customers know you will be taking pictures and posting them on your Facebook page for them to like and share. I usually make a joke and tell them “if you’re having a bad hair day or part of a witness relocation program and don’t want your picture taken let me know”. I have done 1000s of parties and not one time has anyone not wanted their picture taken.

  • TIP #2 Don’t post a pic of someone if you don’t think they would want it posted (for example if you caught someone mid-sentence and their face is all awkwardly contorted!). I always think “if this was me, would I be okay with this”?

Bonus Tip! Have young painters cover their face with their artwork if privacy is a concern.

  • TIP #3 Bring a good camera if necessary. Most cell phones these days have pretty awesome cameras, but if yours doesn't then bring a camera along to ensure you get good quality pics. And make sure your camera is set to the highest setting. Nothing is more frustrating than getting the perfect shot, only to realize the resolution is too low to print. And make sure your phone is fully charged!

  • TIP #4 Don’t be afraid to ask guests to pose for a pic, especially if it’s a mother/daughter, sisters, best friends, etc. They will want that memory and will appreciate you taking it!

  • TIP #5 Be sure and get action shots in addition to the posed pics. I love taking pics from behind or to the side of my guests, especially if they have an awesome painting!

  • TIP #6 If the hostess has awesome snacks or decorations, or the view is amazing (especially at outdoor parties!) be sure and snap pics of that as they are great for marketing!

How's that for a view?!

  • TIP #7 Always suggest a group photo at the end, especially for a kid birthday. Your birthday mom will absolutely want that picture but she might be distracted with the party and forget, and she will be so grateful for you suggesting it. Get some fun group shots of the guests pointing at the hostess or special guest (ie bride, birthday girl, etc). It just makes for a better picture than everyone straight forward smiling at the camera like a yearbook photo.

The famous GOTG pose! It feels ridiculous doing it but makes the best pictures!

  • TIP #8 Don’t be afraid to move guests around. You're the boss here so go ahead and take charge. For large groups have them make multiple rows so you can fit everyone in without you having to stand so far away. You want to stand close enough to the group to take the pic so that we see their beautiful faces and the detail in their paintings. And super important - take into consideration the background. You don’t want a sink full of dirty dishes, or that awkward corner of the table in the front of the picture. Sometimes the space is awkward. But do the best you can with what you have to work with!

Here's an example of a bad party pic. The guests are too far away, and the tables, trash can and bright yellow purse distract from the fun!

  • TIP #9 Don’t be afraid to crop a picture or add a filter if needed! There are lots of online sites you can edit photos for free (Microsoft and Google both have great apps for this!)

  • TIP #10 Finally, always share your party pics in a timely fashion. Guests will be excited to see and comment/share their pics, so upload and share them as soon as possible. You can email their pictures to them, put them in a Dropbox and send them the link, or post on your business Facebook page (and bonus they might like your page while they're there!)

There you have it! Can't wait to see your perfect party pics!


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Cheers :) M


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