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We're the Artsy coaches and co-founders! We launched our mobile paint party business in 2011 and in 2018 we founded Artsy Association as a support system for independent paint party business owners. Our members come together to connect with other like-minded creative entrepreneurs, and have access to the tools, resources and discounts to support their creative business. It's like a Costco card for creatives!

Who is Artsy for?

Artsy is an association of independent creative business owners.

Whether you are an established paint party business, just getting started with your business or maybe just dreaming about a paint party business - Artsy is for you! 

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You've tried a home based business (or two!) before and are looking for a side hustle that actually makes money. Explore how a paint party business may be right for you!

Download the Roadmap to learn more!

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You own a paint party business and need help with artwork, insurance, social media, supply discounts and more. Oh and a tribe of like-minded creatives would be the cherry on top!  

Download 9 of our favorite tree painting instructions!

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You just want to be creative - you're not looking for a business. Artsy is for you too! With 100s of paintings and projects, Artsy is a creative club for you to belong!


Join us for a free month of virtual events and projects!

Not an artist?  Not a problem!

So you're not an artist?'re in good company! We hear this a lot, but good news - you DO NOT need to be an artist to do this biz!


Side Hustle

What would an extra $1,000 a month mean to your family? How about $2,000 or more? With a paint party business you can make some serious cash, work for a great boss (hint hint, that's you!), use your skills and talents and still have the flexibility to work your biz around your life! Sound too good to be true? Trust us, you can do this! 




Flexible Schedule

Work your business around your family's schedule.



100% Party Commission 

Members earn an average of $200-$400 per event.



Online Digital Course 

Guides you step-by-step in launching your business.



This "job" is fun!

There are always cocktails and cupcakes!

Paint Party 101

Paint Party 101 is our online Digital Course that guides you step-by-step in launching your paint party business. We call it paint party boot camp! The training includes 9 modules and covers everything you need to know to run your business and make money doing it. Because let's be real, if you're not making money it's less of a business and more of an expensive hobby! You will learn where to source supplies using our discount codes to how to hostess coach to maximize your earnings to how to break down a painting and guide it step-by-step - it's all in there and more! You can launch your business and be making money in 30 days or less!

Meet the Artsy Coaches!

Your Artsy membership includes ongoing mentoring by our team of coaches. As pioneers in the paint party industry, together we have over 30 years of experience guiding 1,000s of events. But at one time we were each in your shoes - launching our businesses, guiding our first parties, and making it all up as we went!

But most importantly - we're not just coaches. All 4 of us still actively work our paint party businesses. We are on the front lines with you and have a wealth of knowledge to share (tip #1 - do not wear high heels to your first party....yes one of us might have done this!)


Artsy Co-Founder 

Maria Borrego


Artsy Co-Founder 

Tami Sirek


Artsy Co-Founder 

Dawn Cary


Artsy Co-Founder 

Mandy Thomas

Member Benefits

You are in


But it can be scary, we know! You buy your supplies, complete your training, schedule your launch party.....but then what?!


Your Artsy membership provides ongoing tools and training to support you throughout your business. From insurance to email marketing, artwork and more, you'll be in business for yourself but never by yourself! Cheers to that!


Because membership has its perks!

Unlimited use of our logo and branding (or use your own - totally up to you!)
Website for customers to view artwork
Marketing images & resources (including Canva membership!)
Inbound customer referrals (phone & website)
Reputation of a large company & established brand
Ongoing coaching and training to share biz tips and industry updates
Virtual paint nights to learn painting tips and tricks
Social media groups for additional support & ideas
Unlimited use of artwork & project gallery (new content released every month!)
Email marketing software and templates ($90 monthly value!)
General liability insurance (required by many schools and venues)
Industry memberships (NAMTA, AFCI)
Wholesale discounts on supplies and printing 
Team collaboration for large events
Marketplace for members to buy and sell digital artwork designs


We may be experts at launching artsy businesses, but our Artsy Like a Boss blog is more than just paint and glue guns. We love supporting Girl Bosses of all walks of life and sharing all the things we love. Like how to throw the perfect salad party!

Jen R 2_edited.jpg

"I am an at-home educator and I love that because of my GOTG business we have the fun money that allows us to add on fun homeschooling activities like the museum & zoo passes. I love that I can use my GOTG business as a platform to encourage others, spread cheer and do fundraisers that support causes that are dear to my heart like Race For The Cure!"

— Jen R | Florida


Frequently Asked Questions

Get paid to party!

We help artsy people like you make money with a paint party business. With our proven business model and expert coaching, you can create and launch a business you love in 30 days or less!

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