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99 Reasons to Party!

When it comes to paint parties there’s no problem finding a reason to party! We started our paint party business because we were looking for a fun girl’s night out, but it turns out there are lots of people looking for fun and affordable entertainment! Below is just a sample of the different groups, venues, occasions and party themes we have done over the past 11 years of doing paint parties. As you can see, paint parties are popular!

If you are just starting your paint party business, or you are looking for ways to grow your paint party business - start with this list! Download the 99 Reasons to Party and get to work! Make a list of a friend or group or company or venue for each of the 99 reasons on the list, then hit the phone! Schedule time every day and make a goal - make 5 calls a day or 10 calls a day until you get through your list. We call it planting seeds. Put in the work and your beautiful garden will grow!


A few weeks ago we checked out our friend's paint party studio, and she has a SPLATTER ROOM - so FUN! Hmmm.....not sure we could pull this off in our customer's homes!

Cheers :) M


PS - Feeling stuck? I was in that same place when I first started my business 11 years ago. But I followed this same advice - got out of my comfort zone, networked, make the phone calls - and my first year I did 96 events.

Let me know what questions you have - I love talking about Artsy!

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