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How to guide a Creative Doodle/Drawing Workshop

We are the paint party pros! For nearly 10 years we have been bringing art to the party.

This year with Covid we have successfully lead many online painting parties, however, there are a few logistically issues that we have come across in serving our customers.

Time and Supplies. Many of my customers want shorter or one-hour events and they need something that is creative that uses limited supplies.

We have found a fun and fantastic solution that has been successful for us, so naturally, I want to share the idea with you because you can creatively make money doing these events or you can conduct these with your favorite group as the activity pro!


First, let's talk about WHO you would offer something like this to. Think groups and companies. An organization or company that would pay you to creatively entertain their team. We'll talk about pricing below.

For example, I worked with a company that was doing a volunteer family day with their employees. We did a tree project to make thank you cards for first responders.

I have done a couple of these projects with my bible study group and also with my women's networking group. It was a great time to gather together online in a creative way.

The longer we are in the Pandemic the more opportunity you have for online events. Think of these groups: Church groups, Boy/Girl Scouts, Youth Groups, Corporate Team Meetings, Customer or Employee Appreciation Virtual Events, Department Holiday Parties, Networking Groups....who comes to mind for you? You could practice this with your own family or do a girl's night out on zoom!


I charged $200 for a one-hour event. Keep in mind you'll have administrative work with the coordinator. This can take your time to craft emails, proposals, phone calls. Then you yourself need to learn the project. So it's well worth the rate if not more! I typically work with companies so make sure you're accounting system is set up to send invoices. I use PayPal invoicing. On some occasions, you can accept Venmo or Square.


This is an edited sample of the proposal I sent to my client. When you work with corporate clients you'll want to get in the habit of sending them a one-sheet overview of what you'll provide and pricing. I also had a phone call with them explaining verbally what the event would look like.

Sample Doodle Proposal
Download PDF • 364KB


My customers have all been in charge of setting up their own invitations to send to their guests. In the case of them needing you to set something up, you could use Evite or a social media event. You'll want to include the zoom link, supplies and some graphics of what you'll be doing!


We want to make this as easy as possible for all people! This is the most simple supply list for all three of the events I'll teach you about today.

  • Any size of Paper

  • Black Marker or Pen

  • 3-5 Colored tools (markers, crayons, watercolors, highlighters, pens, colored pencils)


Attend the LIVE Workshop on Tuesday, December 1st @6pm MTN

(Email for the zoom link, if you are a member, find the event information here:

Watch the recording here after December 1st

In this workshop, I'll show you three samples of projects and help you with creative prompts to use for these events.


Pride yourself on being an Artsy professional! Use these pointers to create a fantastic online entertainment experience! Write the timeline out so that you don't miss any steps!

  • Be camera-ready and ready to party!

Turn on your fun personality

  • A fantastic background! Make it a virtual studio, hang artwork, YES your background matters!

  • Have music cued up to play so that you don't have to speak the entire time!

  • Have the online zoom room open 10-15 minutes early.

  • IMPORTANT: Watch our zoom training so that you can learn all of the tips for camera and spotlights!

  • Have a slide prepared for those 15 minutes looks something like this Image.

  • If the event is short you'll want to do a chatbox icebreaker.

  • Introduce yourself and an overview of the project, remind them about the supplies

  • If you are recording the event, please inform the guests. Allow them time to take themselves off video if they don't want to be online. Sometimes the client wants a copy of the recording.

  • Have all steps ready for the project so that you don't lose your place

  • Take group photos, you'll want a camera ready to take a picture of the screen.

  • Always invite the group to stay on longer even if you get off the meeting.


For outstanding customer service follow up with your contact. Get valuable feedback on how you can improve. Send them photos or recording of the event, thank them for having you. Send them additional tutorials or recordings of art projects! I have continued to book events from repeat customers!


Our work as an art ambassador matters. People of all ages are gathering online to meet, Art belongs in this space if you're willing to bring it! At Artsy we are committed to helping you creatively make money...and bring a valuable art experience to people!

Join our artsy family for more resources to help you launch your artsy based business!

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