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Need artwork? Check out our Etsy store!

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

Did you know we offer a sample of our favorite paint party artwork designs for purchase in our Etsy store?! The digital download includes everything you need - image, instructions, template, paint party tips and in some cases a video tutorial. Perfect for hosting your own DIY paint party or to guide at your paint party business events (as in yes you can absolutely purchase these paintings and have the rights to instruct at your paint party events and make money 🤑🤑🤑)

Here are some of the options available.....

Visit our Etsy store to view all of the paintings available!


When we first started our paint party business in 2011 we had NOTHING to paint. We were not artists so coming up with artwork was really challenging. I look back at those sad paintings and wonder how anyone paid us to guide their party! Fast forward to today and we have 500+ paintings in our Gallery and crazy talented artists that design beautiful paintings for us - we've come a long way baby!

If you are just getting started you might be in the same boat. That's why we selected some of our favorite paintings for your to purchase a la carte to help get your business launched with beautiful and professional artwork you can be proud of!

Learn more about all the perks of your ALL-ACCESS Artsy membership at!

Cheers :) M


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