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How a gallery wall can be a GREAT marketing tool!

Back in February, I was invited to be the featured artist at a local coffee shop. I had so much fun with it, I wanted to add hundreds more of my favorite art selections. Imagine it like adding all of my art to my mom's refrigerator!

Now I know what your thinking...I'm not even an artist! Well, that's okay because neither was I. Over the years I have accumulated so many different pieces that I've played with and many are from our shared Gallery on the Go gallery. Be brave, take some of your paint selections, frame them and if they are inspired or from another gallery simply give the original artist credit.

To create a gallery you can use similar colors, themes, or art techniques. Offering to create a gallery can be great marketing for you, helping you to promote your paint and art workshops. It can also lead to a great partnership with a local business, including helping them decorate their place!

I chose not to sell my art, but I got several more social media followers. You can sell your art if they allow you to promote it for sale, simply add your Venmo QR code or directions on how to purchase from you. Make sure to leave your business card. The coffee shop I displayed my art at let me keep it up for a month, you'll want to discuss with the business owner how long they would like to have your pieces up. Maybe they'll let you switch out the art for a different theme!

Here are a few steps I did to prepare a gallery:

  • Picked out a color scheme, pictures that were similar in theme.

  • My themes were - watercolor images from my journal, Latin Art, Quilling, and Paper Art.

  • Bought frames from Michaels.

  • Typed up descriptions of my art (like a real art gallery) then mounted the printout on black chipboard.

  • I went to the coffee shop ahead of time and measured the wall then I laid it out on my floor to make sure I had enough room.

  • I mounted all of my art with 3M hooks and velcro to protect the wall.

Don't wait to be asked! Go to your favorite local business and ask them to have you as their featured artist!


Want video tutorials for some of the art you see featured here?

Paper Flowers

Watercolor Trees

Gaudi Stained Glass Windows

Frida Silhouette "Flowers In My Hair"


Join the Artsy Association and we have hundreds of art and business resources to help you creatively make money! - Cheers, Maria

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