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How my side hustle became a business.

I often get asked if I still am doing that 'little paint party thing'. Here's why I have been doing this 'little paint party thing' for nearly 8 years now. 1. Money. I make money on a schedule that I create, and unlike most side hustles, not just on the weekends. For example this week I made nearly $900 in three events. Weds afternoon in an office building in Downtown Denver, Thursday night at a local bar, Friday night with a woman's church group. A total of 9 hours of hands-on work with my customers, another couple hours of prep and picking up supplies. I won't count the surprise blizzard drive home on Friday night.. but it averaged about $50-$70 an hour. 2. My schedule. Is more important to me than making money. When I started this business I was a SAHM of 3 middle-school boys (I survived) I worked everything around whatever they were up to including being their taxi driver. Then I would go do art at parties to get away from them! Then guess what? Yeah they grew up and they left the nest. And I could be sitting here wondering what to do next with my life wondering if SAH with my kids wasted my career opportunities. No I didn't waste any time, I cherished it. I was building my career while being with them. Yes this little art thing.

My main priority is my volunteer & service work. I have served at an in-depth Bible study ministry - for nearly 8 years now, every Tuesday and Thursday -and this is my passion that is only made possible by the fact that I have to make money in an un-traditional side hustle - and just like you, I need to make real money to pay my car payment, contribute the family household, and pay for the pesky college tuition for my birdies.

3. It's more than a paint party.

These are direct quotes from my events this week.

At the downtown Office Event: "I got laid off from my job a couple weeks ago, I had to come to turn in this paperwork but I wanted to wait until I knew you were here so I can make something to make me feel better", "Thank you for doing this, I was so frustrated to go to my afternoon meeting and this seriously made me release all that stress",

At my event at the bar - this woman is a true artist and said "I just never make time to do my own thing or pull out my own supplies, I am happy I got to come here just to get this picture out on the canvas"

From my event last night - I asked this woman why she hadn't yet finished her project "because we've been talking and talking and can't you tell I've been crying and crying - you should call this sobbing & painting" because paint parties and GNO's is code for "therapy." 4. My Artsy Family. I own my own business, and in most business industries (especially those direct sales, home based businesses), you're afraid of the competition or you don't want someone else selling to your customers - but in our business the more the better. At my art bar event this week, 5 of my fellow paint & sip owner friends came to my art bar event to sample my artwork and just to talk shop and hang out.

We have been in this business together for many years so we can get better at what we do but so we can do life together - real life friends, not competition! Being in business for yourself doesn't mean you're in business by yourself. Together really is better. We share supplies, ideas and call on each other if we have a massive party to work at together. Then we go celebrate with drinks and food afterwards!

Have you tried the #momboss life? I bet you were frustrated with money, investing more than you made. Or that schedule, doing home parties during the evening and weekend only to have very few people show up. A side hustle should be like the groovy dance (Saturday Night Fever) not a struggle.

I wouldn't have been doing this for the past 8 years if it didn't work. We have thousands of downtown offices, hospitals, schools, mom parties and every other group to have some fun, release some stress and learn something new through art. Art is timeless. Art Matters.

Keep following us - we are determined to help you launch your own Artsy business so you can create a life you love 😍

Don't forget our complimentary webinar launches on April 2nd! This webinar will teach you everything you need to know to run your own Artsy business!

Raise your glass - Maria

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