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YOU are the Cover Girl for your Artsy Business!

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Dear Artsy One - I am so excited to share this tutorial with you. Mostly because I want to remind you to have courage and confidence in YOU, and to live out loud! 

For our company Christmas party a few years ago we did a fun headshot photoshoot. We wanted fun/non-traditional headshots, and it made for a great teambuilding activity. We did fun poses with us looking up, laughing, and more. Then I bought some confetti overlays and created these amazing fun photos that I have used over and over in our marketing.  As time has gone on, I stopped taking the time to update my pictures and my social media feed became filled with pictures of my clients, events, or art. I stopped putting myself in the pictures, in fact, I began avoiding them! 

Pandemic 2020 reminds us all that our online presence is one of the most important assets for our Artsy business. Your 'online studio' needs a personality, a heartbeat, artwork on the wall but also YOUR face to meet and greet your customers. 

Don't believe me? Go look at your favorite brands - is there a WHO involved? Take a look at Joanna Gaines (Magnolia is one of my favorite brands!). She owns an empire and SHE is her own Covergirl. Joanna is a humble beautiful person, by no means is she self-absorbed or in a constant selfie-look at me mode. 

Being your own Covergirl does not mean you are in selfie mode every day, with a little planning you can create a collection that will be used over and over! Like this:

Let me remind you, if you own a physical store or studio, and your customers come in they would see YOU! They see all the fun art and creativity in your art studio - that is the exact feeling your online presence should reflect!

You don't need a professional photographer or a fancy camera. Most smartphones have fantastic camera quality. With filters and Canva, as an easy photoshop tool, I will show you how you can create a library of photos you'll use over and over again to promote your business.

Here are your eight simple, affordable, DIY  step-by-step instructions to be a Covergirl:

1. Photographer - you, a friend or even a child! Sometimes I think kids can operate the camera best! YES, you can do selfies if needed. Ask a supportive friend who may also need photos!

2. Camera -  If you have a professional camera great, however, I personally like to use my phone. Filters are easy and I don't have to deal with another device. If I do selfies I will use a photo stand like this. 

3. Get Camera Ready - Do your hair, makeup (Bright bold lipstick - yes even if you don't like lipstick! It makes your smile stand out!) 

4. Wardrobe - Don't overthink this! Two to three shirt changes. Think bright colors, polka dots, black and white stripes. You can repeat poses and backgrounds simply changing the shirts. In my sample photos below notice how simple your clothing selections can be. (I want to tell you to not be basic, but secret: sometimes I like basic black clothes!)

5. Background - Use your own artwork display, a blank white wall, outdoors, fun seating areas. In this next example, you'll see these pictures I took in some swanky areas of my apartment complex. Same shirt, different poses. I am able to use the variety of these in my coaching, interior design and paint party business. AND my husband took these photos! 

Seriously you can borrow swanky places! Check out this picture of an Instagram Influencer who takes her photos at IKEA! 

6. Props & Setting - For you Artsy business owners, incorporate frames with or without artwork, wine or colorful mocktails, at a desk, computer, phone, colorful art supplies, journals, markers etc. Below you will learn more about transforming those frames into your personal messages and more!

7. Pose List - Write a list of poses with sample photos so you can mark them off your checklist. I do several things like business coaching, paint parties, and interior design. It may seem awkward but looking to the side, looking up, closing your eyes, opening your mouth, laughing and more are all great poses!

Want some inside tips about great pose angles and tricks? Search "Bonnie Rodriguez Krzywicki" on Pinterest for everyday photo pose hacks! 8. Editing - Use filters directly on your camera, or app software like Prisma - a creative app to transform your photos into artwork. You can use Instagram and Google Photos to filter your images. Filters help to brighten and soften your photos. 

Canva is a fantastic photoshop tool. Canva should become your new best friend! Using canva you can add/remove artwork or messages into a frame or blank piece of paper like this. Plus you can add confetti to hide your refrigerator in the background like this!

Using canva you can create fun doodles or art on your white backgrounds, this allows you to use for multiple seasons and plenty of white space to add text.

Now it's your turn! This is supposed to be fun. Gather a group of fellow business friends and make a thing of it! They'll help boost your confidence for individual photos and then you can create fun group photos too just as the artsy coaches did! - Cheers, we believe in you!

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