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Nine Tree painting challenge (1).png


Trees are always a favorite for paint party events. They're simple to guide and they always turn out great! But tip - remind painters to start small so their trees don't get too fat!

Click on the images below to watch the video tutorial and scroll to the bottom of the page to download the instructions.


Click to download and save to your device! Oh - and you'll notice in the instructions we reference brushes by color. Color coding our brushes makes it easy to identify the brushes when guiding the painting. Here are the brush sizes you will see in the artwork instructions. Your brush sizes do not need to be exactly the same, just something comparable.

Purple: 3/4" Wash/Glaze

Red: Flat Shade Brush #12

Blue: Flat Shade Brush #8

Orange: Round Brush #10

Green: Round Brush #6

Black: Round Brush #3

DAY 1: Color of Night

Day 2: Gum Drop Tree

Day 3: Aspen Delight

Day 4: Whimsy Cherry Blossom

Day 5: Couples Tree

Day 6: Breezy Midnight Summer

Day 7: Whimsy Tree

Day 8: Lavender Skies

Day 9: Golden Fall 

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